The main idea behind the philosophy of Garderie Académie des Talents is that children always learn better through play, which gradually helps them discover their personal goals and leads them to better understand their still hidden talents.

We refer on the one hand to the Ministry's educational program "Accueillir la petite enfance", and on the other hand our working method adopts the program "Jouer c’est Magique".

Together, these two programs combine, in our opinion, the key elements of harmonious child development.

At Garderie Académie des Talents, we believe that each child learns at his or her own pace, allowing us to pay particular attention to the unique and individual development of each child.

We meet our children's basic needs for affection, acceptance, stability and respect so that they can be confident and proud of themselves. We let them feel loved, worthy and precious so that they feel comfortable interacting and evolving.

We strive to guide them to become responsible and independent individuals by listening and observing them carefully while adapting our philosophy to their personal interests and abilities.

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